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Join NARFE now to protect your retirement security. Membership is open to the following groups of people:

·        Retirees

·        Current employees

·        Spouses and surviving spouses of those eligible to join NARFE

·        Former federal employees

·        Former spouses entitled to a federal survivor annuity

All new members get a special first year rate of $40 each which includes the National and Chapter dues. Upon renewal you have the option to renew for one, two or three years. The rates which include both the National dues and the Chapter dues for the Cumberland County Chapter are as follows:

·        One year is $40

·        Two years are $92 a savings of $8

·        Three years are $132 a savings of $18

So you can see that you save money by renewing for the longer terms. Even better is to sign up for Dues Withholding from your monthly annuity. By doing this you get the three year rate and you don't have to worry about forgetting to renew year by year. If you select Dues Withholding, the total dues is only $2.88 per month each.


Active federal employees and their spouses who joined NARFE before January 2008 continue to get special rates. The rates which include both the National and Chapter dues are as follows.

·        One year is $25

·        Two years are $45 a savings of $5

·        Three years are $60 a savings of $15

These rates can be continued as long as you are a current employee of any Federal agency.



You can join online using a credit card:     

If you are an active federal employee,  click here  

If you are a retired federal employee,  click here

You can join by telephone by calling 800-627-3394 Monday through Friday, 8:15am - 4:45pm eastern time.


Or you can download an application that you can print out and mail in:

     For the active and retired federal employee application, click here


If you have questions or need any further information then feel free to contact us. We will be happy to assist.